Features of erotic massage for your soul mate

Every couple sometimes wants to diversify their sex life. Massage is one of the proven ways of relaxation, which will give a lot of pleasant impressions. Today there are many techniques that can be used for your other half. 

But if you want to really diversify sexual foreplay, try Nuru Massage from the site https://vip-massage-frankfurt.de/service/vip-nuru-massage/, which can be performed by any girl even without training. Why is it considered so special? The massage is performed on the naked body with a lot of oil. All movements are smooth and slow. Thanks to this technique, you can surprise your other half with gentle foreplay. 

The rules of a successful erotic massage

How do you use the right techniques and methods to help with an erotic massage that doesn’t just take place on your partner’s back? After all, it should be seductive and get the whole body in the mood.

  • To ensure complete relaxation, you should create a pleasant atmosphere. A few scented candles and a bright smile will complete the mood.
  • An erotic massage without oil? That’s not possible! It’s best to use a delicately scented massage oil for an erotic massage. Depending on the season and your personal taste, many people find citrus notes or delicate nut and almond nuances particularly relaxing.
  • All movements should be smooth and gentle. You should be attentive to every part of your partner’s body. 

Passionate kisses, intense caresses or sensual massages: foreplay is as varied as love and not at all boring. Even if you’ve been with the same person for years, you can still annoy each other. You just need to add a little variety to your lovemaking.

Features of Nuru massage

Nuru massage technique is one of the popular and sensual massage techniques. In the classic version, seaweed oil is used. The main thing is to add a lot of oil to make it glide well. Nuru massage involves gentle and sensual exposure of naked bodies. 

If eroticism is the focus of your Nuru massage, you should dedicate yourself not only to your back, but especially to your partner’s front. Lubricate them with massage oil (just don’t skimp!) and go for it! As with a back massage, the entire body is massaged. Slowly glide up and down, varying the speed, direction (up and down or circular) and pressure. Get creative and find your own massage technique, paying attention to how the person being pampered responds to your physical touch. Touching the breasts, vulva, or buttocks is certainly particularly pleasurable. By the way, the person giving the massage can also become very aroused – after all, he is also rubbing his genitals against the body of another.